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The mission of Heart Essence

Is to help you re-establish your innate connection with your inner guidance system, which has its seat in the spiritual heart. In one on one mentoring sessions, readings, as well as through light language transmissions, our aim is to offer you a new higher dimensional perspective, and the tools to work through anything that may be limiting or blocking you from aligning with your highest timeline, soul purpose and a life you love.


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Meet Alexandra

As a heart whisperer, teacher, multidimensional intuitive healer, soul activator, starseed and light language channel, Alexandra was guided to walk the spiritual path for the soul purpose of sharing her journey with you, offering all her gifts and lessons from the heart, with the intention of being of service to you and helping you build a life you love.

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Meet the Heart Essence Team

These beautiful souls connected and were brought together by the universe through many amazing synchronicities and magical arrangements. We decided to unite, in order to contribute with our energy, skills, and above all love to create Heart Essence and be of service to you.

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“What happens when people open their hearts?”

“They get better.”

Haruki Murakami