Personal Light Language Transmission Bundle


Light Language Artwork and Audio Transmission Bundle on any topic you would like to heal, release or align with, or manifest.

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This package includes a light language audio transmission and accompanying channeled artwork, which can be focused on any topic you would like to heal, release or align with, or manifest.

The audio transmission should be listened to for at least 7 days, mornings and evenings (as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep).

The artwork can be downloaded, printed out, placed in in your home or even used as a mobile phone or computer/ laptop background image. Since these are timeless living transmissions, this will allow you to continuously stay connected to the light codes contained within them as long as you feel guided to work with them. They can also be placed on the body or specific chakras if you wish. Another option, is for you to meditate on them, with eyes open or closed, breathing in the light codes into your heart, DNA, the entire chakra system, the physical as well as energy bodies and aura. Choose whatever resonates with you, and always follow the guidance you receive from your Higher Self.

Please send us an email regarding the topic you would like to focus your transmissions on, so Alexandra can make sure the intention is formulated exactly as you imagine it to be, for the highest effects to manifest.

All On-Demand Light Language Audio Transmissions are sent via email as a downloadable Dropbox link within 2 to 3 weeks after purchase.