Soul Signature Reading


Remember who you are at soul level, and receive guidance on how to elevate your reality with the help of this in-depth reading.

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This type of reading is all about your unique soul vibration, and intended to assist you in remembering who you are at the core of your being. They include information which can help you:

  • Understand who you are at soul level
  • Navigate your life better
  • Integrate who you are on a multidimensional level
  • Discover your galactic origin and the star races you were connected to in previous lifetimes
  • Embody and express you own unique essence with ease and grace
  • Assist in understanding your primary life lessons on a conscious level
  • Discover limiting subconscious energies you are meant to heal and integrate
  • Find out which past life gifts you brought in from previous lifetimes
  • Get detailed information about the primary chakra your soul chose to express itself and experience life through in this incarnation
  • Discover which soul ray you incarnated through
  • Learn about your current chakra state at the time of the reading (overactive or underactive chakras which may require your attention, healing or balancing)
  • Find out which beneficial essential oils, flower essences and crystals resonate most with your unique soul signature
  • Receive guidance from your Higher Self and guides.

The length of these readings is usually between 4 to 6 pages.

All the readings are typed up and sent via email within approximately 3 weeks after purchase.

Once purchased, this item cannot be refunded.