Everything begins in the ♡

The mission of Heart Essence

Wouldn’t you love to feel completely fulfilled with all the aspects of your life, instead of compromising some, for the sake of others? Doesn’t your heart long to expand with joy when you wake up every morning, knowing that a new meaningful and magical day lies ahead of you? Aren’t you tired of being stuck between your job, all the daily stresses, responsibilities and expectations of others, all the while feeling that there is something much bigger and greater out there waiting for you?

Wouldn’t you wish to start connecting with others from the heart and enjoying truly nurturing, intimate, loving and mutual relationships with those around you? Don’t you want to tap deeper into your own unique essence, start embodying who you truly are and sharing your heart’s gifts with the world, fearlessly and courageously? Wouldn’t it be amazing to establish such a strong and direct connection to Source Energy and the Divine that you needn’t rely on anyone else ever again?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have just reached the right place.

During Alexandra’s personal healing work and in the sessions she has been offering, it was revealed to her how throughout the many lifetimes we experience, we take on various layers of identity, pain, limiting beliefs, contracts, traumas, ancestral energies and much more, which in time prevent us from being connected to our soul, higher self and the divine, which communicate with us through the heart. This realization paved the way for Heart Essence to be birthed into the world, and is the foundational stone upon which all the services Alexandra provides were created.

The mission of Heart Essence is to help you re-establish your innate connection with your inner guidance system, which has its seat in the spiritual heart. In one-on-one healing sessions, readings, as well as through light language transmissions, our aim is to offer you a new higher dimensional perspective, and the tools to work through anything that may be limiting or blocking you from aligning with your highest timeline, soul purpose and a life you love.

By identifying what is holding you back from being your true self, and learning to release it, you can then awaken and reconnect to this sacred space within and realign with your intuition. This will support you in beginning to communicate directly with and receive guidance from the universe, and start living from the divinely enlightened essence of who you truly are.

I looked in temples, churches, and mosques.

But I found the Divine within my heart.