Hello beautiful soul! My name is Alexandra!

Teacher, Intuitive Healer & Light Language Channel, with over 10 years of experience, working online worldwide ♡


Who I am & what I do


Teacher, Healer & Founder of Heart Essence
After overcoming years of struggle, and finally reaching a point where I could let go of most of my heavy baggage of trauma and limitation, I felt called to use my gifts, and be of service in the field of intuitive healing, teaching, channeling and reawakening the essence of the heart.

As a heart whisperer, teacher, multidimensional intuitive healer, soul activator, starseed and light language channel, I was guided to walk the spiritual path for the soul purpose of sharing my journey with you, offering all my gifts and lessons from the heart, with the intention of being of service to you and helping you build a life you love, without needing to struggle but through the unlimited power of grace.

This is my Story

My story begins in Toronto, Canada where I was born. Both my parents have a mixed heritage, my maternal line being Jamaican Irish, and the paternal Greek Romanian. My father fled from communist Romania to the Canada, without speaking the language but trusting that this is a place where he can build a life which would have never been possible in his politically oppressed home land.

My mother was quite young when she met him and had me. She is a very open minded, beautiful woman with great wits and amazing humor that I believed helped her raise me as we all moved back to Romania as soon as the communist dictator Ceausescu was taken down. I can’t even begin to imagine the cultural shock she had suddenly living in such a broken country, and despite the fact that my parents decided to break up and I remained with my father, she continues to be the primary supporting light in my life.

I grew up in Bucharest, with my father and my grandmother. I loved painting, drawing, writing stories, believed in reincarnation, and was constantly trying to move things with my mind, communicate telepathically or do other things which I later came to know as siddhis, the Vedic term for spiritual gifts. Even back then my life was governed by the desire to support others, and I was noticing how even adults would often feel inclined to connect with me and seek out advice, which always perplexed me. I always felt misunderstood, my creativity was not valued, and I was often told I needed to seek out a “normal” job because therapists and artists do not make enough money. Despite hearing this all the time, this burning desire remained in my heart even if I stopped talking about it with the adults around me.

When my grandmother, which was also the person that raised me primarily, passed on my 12th birthday, my father decided to send me to boarding school in the south of Germany. He wanted to make sure I will have all the opportunities he did not, and provided me with everything he thought I needed in order to thrive and be successful. Despite all of this, as a starseed child I never fit in, and always felt I do not belong. My teenage years were quite challenging, as I began to understand how my family dynamics affected my sense of self and my ability to cope in the world. I began going to psychotherapy sessions due to the recurring waves of depression I was dealing with. I remember telling my best friend at the time, that I believe the reason why I went through so much trauma and difficulties up until that point, was because I was meant to understand and help other when I grow up. Little did I know that this feeling will actually become reality and indeed be my soul mission for this incarnation.

I finished the gymnasium and signed up at the Communication Science University in Salzburg, Austria. I enjoyed all the new information on how people interact and all the sociological, psychological and philosophical framework I was learning, but as soon as I had an extensive course about advertising psychology, I realized I would never be able to pursue the career options which would open up for me when I would be one studying. The thought of using such dense 3D manipulation tactics to make people believe they need certain products to fit in, belong and be loved scared me and felt so wrong that I began having panic attacks each time I would stand in front of the entrance door trying to go to class. My soul was obviously trying to show me that I have a different path than the one I was on. My depression got exacerbated, I went through a painful break up from the partner I had at the time and ended up with a burn out, reaching the most difficult point in my life.

In the search for ways to heal, and after years of struggling to get to the root cause of my severe recurring depression and burn out through traditional methods such as psychotherapy and medication, I reached a place of complete despair because nothing seemed to work and my life was a complete mess. I remember living at a friend’s house after reaching the lowest point in my life, and having met different therapists, looking at possible mental health institutions that could take me in, and even visiting a priest for confession, all the while feeling that none of these options can or will actually truly help me. As I was lying in bed at night, not knowing what else I could do to get out of that hopeless place, I began talking directly to the universe and saying “I tried everything I could think of. I do not know what else I can do, but I do know that I cannot continue my life this way. Show me what to do and I will do it, no matter how strange or crazy it may seem. I surrender to your infinite intelligence. Please help me”.

I woke up the next day hearing someone whisper the word “shaman” in my ear. I had no idea what a shaman was and had no prior experience of healing or energy work, but I knew in my heart that this was the answer to the request that I had sent out the night before. And as incredibly synchronistic as the awakening journey can be, I found out that there actually was a shaman living 5 minutes away from where I was staying at the time.  I began working with her, looking at my deepest fears, releasing the densest, stickiest energies within me that had kept me stuck in a loop of pain and struggle for so long.

As this was happening, I started understanding that a lot of my depression was actually the result of my heightened sensitivity, empathy and intuition, and I was shown how exactly that which has been the main cause of my suffering, was actually my biggest gift.

I started exploring the multidimensional nature of reality, the emotional, physical, as well as energetic aspects of my being. After several years, I was able to find the right balance between subconscious and body work, the mind-heart connection, the ego and the Higher Self through both eastern and western concepts, which helped me heal and realign with my soul mission.

Since then, during the last 10 years, I have consistently and dedicatedly pursued the path of improving and refining my intuition and healing abilities, by learning from many teachers all over the world, certifying in various techniques and later on through the one-on-one sessions, group work and retreats I began offering.

This pursuit led to the fact that at some point, I started having the feeling that the methods of healing I was using did not resonate with me anymore, or were not able to hold my frequency and the vibration I wish to share with those I connect and work with.

I set a firm intention, from my heart to find a method of helping others which is all encompassing, that works on both the mind and the heart, the emotional as well as spiritual aspects of ones being, throughout all dimensions and beyond time and space. I was searching for a tool which will allow me to assist others and help improve their lives rapidly, successfully and with ease and grace, without the need for multiple one on one sessions, digging work, having to go back in time and discuss or relive old hurts and traumas and having to go through all the struggle I once went though. I wanted something that I have not heard of before, had no name for and couldn’t even cognitively comprehend, yet in my heart knew existed.

The universe and my Higher Self aligned the unalignable, and made the impossible possible once again, as they did many times before, and I suddenly had several awakenings over the course of that year, one of which led to a path of powerful self-remembrance.

The biggest “spiritual key” which was given to me as an answer to my intention, and was meant to unlock the mystery of the tool I was searching for, was hearing the term “Light Language” in an interview online. I had no conscious idea of what that meant or how it is done. I just knew that it spoke to me so deeply and awakened something within me that I did not even know was there. I began experimenting with this idea, first exploring channeling it through hand movements, later on taking it one step further and see how channeling Light Language Artwork looks like.

As time moved on, I felt guided to use Light Language through my voice and began experimenting with this method of channeling. To my amazement, this totally catapulted my personal growth even more, and that of many others. This is when, during one of my meditations, I unexpectedly connected to a group of Pleiadian guides, which reminded me of my agreement, to channel different Light, Star and Angelic beings as well as Light Language Transmissions, to support in the collective awakening and the shift into the Golden Era, which is taking place at this time.

This has the big confirmation I needed, to fully step onto my path as a Light Language channel and start offering this amazing healing tool to a broader audience via YouTube. The comments and emails I have been receiving since then, on a daily basis are simply heart melting. I am ever grateful for finding this incredible healing tool and being able to support people in such a rapid, effective and magical way.

It has been an amazing ride since then, and I am continuously learning, growing and working on myself dedicatedly, so I can be the clearest channel of light, love, healing and remembrance possible, for those whom I connect with.

Looking back, I have come to the realization that my journey has been one of releasing everything which did not allow me to live a heart-based life. I now know that I have consistently denied my own hearts truth over many years, due to the trauma I went through and in order to keep the peace, to avoid conflict, to please others or simply out of fear of taking the steps I knew needed to be taken, which was the root cause of my struggle. During my own self work and in the healing sessions I have offered, I was shown how throughout the many lifetimes we experience, we take on various layers of identity, pain, limiting beliefs, contracts, traumas, ancestral energies and much more, which in time prevent us from being connected to our soul, higher self and the divine, which communicate with us through the heart.

This realization shaped my intention with Heart Essence, which is to create and hold a space in which you can heal, release everything that does not allow you to be your truest most authentic self with ease and grace. My second intention is to assist you in re-establish your innate connection with your inner guidance system, which has its seat in the heart. By awakening and reconnecting to this sacred space within, you can then realign with your intuition, can communicate directly with and receive guidance from the universe, and begin living from the divinely enlightened essence of who you truly are. If you are ready to begin your healing journey, open your heart, and allow it to guide you towards the highest manifestation of your true essence, I am here for you, and would be grateful to join you on your journey.


What I offer

Everything I offer is based on the guidance and help of your and my higher self and teams in spirit, with the purest love, wisdom and integrity available to me. My intention is to assist you to the best of my abilities, so your journey of healing and awakening can be as graceful as possible.


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