Media Expert

I have started to work with Alexandra almost five years ago. I have been through significant changes in my life, a divorce, a new relationship that fell apart, a five-year-old kid to take care of and a difficult job environment. I experiencing major anxiety, the need to regain control over my life which was all over the place, and after more than six years of psychotherapy, which gave me the feeling I had everything figured out, I was still feeling like a mess.
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Designer & Creative Director

Since its difficult to express how amazing you are in words – here’s an attempt in poetry:
“The experience began when we first met, you were glowing like the sun
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Sanaz H.
Founder of SanazGroup

Alexandra is not just any healer, she is one of the most reliable, accountable, professional human beings I have met, deeply committed to helping and supporting her community and any human being on this planet to evolve and become the best version of themselves.
Her analytical German background with her entrepreneurial Canadian background and her passionate Romanian background give her this exact mix of ingredients to tap into your personal preferences in terms of communication and turn her into an asset for everybody’s personal development.

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Iulia Paraschiv
Account Director

Alexandra has been with me for a long time on the journey to myself, as a healer, as a friend, as a soul sister. Her empathetic and open way of being as well as the delicacy of her approach, transforms each session into a space where you feel safe, understood, loved, helped and witnessed from a completely non-judgmental space. The beneficial effects of removing energy blockages, the transformation and shift at the level of beliefs and subconscious programs with Alexandra during the sessions, are felt very quickly by simply observing the way you react and relate to triggers afterwards in your day-to-day life.


I had been in bed for a few days, believing I had a very bad case of food poisoning, I was so sick! My friend who became quite ill as well, found Alexandra’s light language “Ascension Symptom Support” transmission. So, before I was going to sleep, I listened to the video, and woke up the next day feeling absolutely normal. I also had many cuts, and small wounds all over my body, that had shown up unexplained, which also started healing after listening to her transmissions! I cannot express enough gratitude for the relief I experienced.

Architect & Healer

I am so grateful to Alexandra for helping me with the readings for me and my daughter, which were accurate and enlightening. I received all the information that I needed at that time. I have also asked a clearing for my 5-year-old daughter, and could notice the changes immediately. We had problems with aggression and as it appeared – clearing helped immensely. In our mentoring classes I did get all the answers and more.
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