From our ♡ to Yours

The mission of Heart Essence is to help you re-establish your innate connection with your inner guidance system, which has its seat in the spiritual heart.

In one on one sessions, mentoring classes, webinars, retreats, readings, as well as through light language transmissions, our aim is to offer you a new higher dimensional perspective, and the tools to work through anything that may be limiting or blocking you from aligning with your highest timeline, soul purpose and a life you love.

By identifying what is holding you back from being your true self, and learning to release it, you can then awaken and reconnect to this sacred space within and realign with your intuition. This will support you in beginning to communicate directly with and receive guidance from the universe and start living from the divinely enlightened essence of who you truly are.

We invite you to have a look at the services we provide and see what resonates with you, and your individual needs.

Heart Tribe

Monthly Live Light Language Healing Events, Ascension Activations and a lot of love.

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Group Webinars and Retreats for Radical Transformation and Accelerated Healing.

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“The interesting situation is that we all have these incredibly compassionate hearts that are like the quality of love, the quality of boundaryless soft merging presence. But most of us armor our hearts with our mind, with our thoughts. And the only thing that we’re involved in then, is breaking down that armor, so that the intuitive heart can function, because we’ve cut ourselves off from it by our mind armoring us. And when we do that, we end up feeling starved, because it’s through that intuitive heart, that we actually get fed by the universe it’s like an umbilical cord of stuff that comes into us. And when we cut it off with the mind, we end up feeling very alienated and very starved and that’s why we’re always so greedy. We keep wanting more of everything because we’re always trying to fulfill a hunger in us that is only fed through the heart.” – Ram Das