Wonderful soul. Powerful woman. And all in between… Working with Alexandra was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is kind and understanding and she helped me with every situation I asked her until now ? I only regret not meeting her earlier in my life ☺️??


Healing begins the Moment you want it to.

All the sessions provided by Alexandra take place in audio format, via Zoom and are done in alignment with and through the assistance of your Higher Self and Divine Teams working with you. Depending on the guidance coming through in each individual case, light language transmissions and directly channelled messaged may or may not come through. These sessions are meant to empower and help you work through and clear a variety of issues. Depending on the topic which needs to be addressed, the sessions can include many different types of modalities and techniques, such as:


  • Clearing of karmic patterns, past life trauma, energetic entanglements and the removal of cords and hooks
  • Healing of emotional issues as well as limiting subconscious/unconscious beliefs, programs, vows and soul contracts, including disentanglement of past marriages or relationships through energetic divorce
  • Clearing of blockages in relationships or finding the right partner as well as clearing the energy of your past partners from your fields
  • Clearing of negative energies, entities of all kinds, helping loved ones which have not yet managed to go to light or move on, and may still be in your fields as well as communicating with them and giving you messages from them or vice versa
  • Ancestral and bloodline healing, clearing of all connections to the dark, or any institutions, organizations, cults, groups or religious structures that were made by your ancestors and may be currently interfering with your own life and ascension journey
  • Financial or career path healing along with clearing of any obstacles which may be blocking the full manifestation of your desired situation
  • Readjusting and clearing any energetic blockages within your multidimensional structure such as the chakras, subtle bodies, aura, the soul and other aspects
  • Higher Self, galactic or angelic soul aspect integration, if it is in alignment with divine timing at the time of the session
  • Clearing beliefs, programs, emotions, trauma, karma or issues that may cause disease within the physical body (this may or may not help release the medical issue, and focuses solely on the emotional/energetic component behind the disease)
  • Energetic clearing of your home or work space
  • And anything else which may be of relevance to you or may come through from your guides and Higher Self during the session


One on One Audio Healing Sessions are 90 minutes.

Please write us an email with details about the topics you wish to address, and provide your full name and your time zone, so Alexandra can schedule an appointment with you.

If you are not sure whether one session is enough to cover all the topics you wish to work on, or if you may perhaps need more, mention that in the email and Alexandra will help you get a realistic view on what can be achieved and in approximately how much time.

Sessions can be purchased individually or in 3 session bundle at a discounted price via the shop on this website.