When I met Alexandra last year, I was going through a phase of my life where I was stressed, nervous and agitated. I cannot say that I was depressed but I was struggling with myself, fighting with my mind, shaming my body and being my own enemy.

It was an ordinary night; I was having dinner with my friends when one of them told us how he met this wonderful woman who changed his view over the world. I had never seen my friend so happy and positive up to that point, so I was intrigued already. On a skeptical tone, I told him to show me a picture of that “wonder woman”. The minute I saw her face I felt light and warm invading me. I said ok, I have to meet her. The Universe helped me and in some twisted way, the next day I met her. I felt so humbled. She had such a strong energy that even those with a low energy level could’ve felt it.

I felt like I have known her for a very long time. My soul was like a little child jumping around with happiness waiting for someone to tell me what I forgot so many lives ago. She asked me what was wrong. I didn’t know what to say. There was nothing wrong yet everything felt messed up in my life. I started to talk about random problems I was having while she was feeling into the energy I was putting into them. We began working on them. I was skeptical. I didn’t know if I was imagining stuff but during our sessions, I was either crying or trembling and leaving home feeling light as a feather, like she just took the whole weight of the world off my shoulders.

What we all must understand are two things. The first one is that no matter how many sessions you are going to have, cleaning your energy, getting rid of old problems and all that stuff, it remains up to you if you want to, and if you work on maintaining that level of energy or if you choose the minute you get out of that door to return to your old habits.

The second one is that finding a teacher is hard. Many people think they know what they’re doing. They think playing with energies and spirituality is fun and games. It is not. Few teachers are true. Alexandra is one of them. What she doesn’t know is that after our sessions ended and she left Romania, I had the chance to meet with other teachers. I can straight forward tell you that not only they gave me a feeling of fear but I was not trusting anything that they were doing. Didn’t feel anything either.

If you have the chance to meet a human like Alexandra, show them respect, love and gratefulness, because I can say with all my heart she is one of a kind. She changed the way I see the world and she made me understand that it is important to trust the process and your time, not to fight it.

Although we haven’t had a session in a long time she still cares for me and checks up on me, making my day better.

I am still struggling. Working on yourself is hard and painful, takes a lot of time and patience. I am still learning, trying and bettering myself.

I thank her for all the energy she put into me, for every time she lifted me up and for reminding me through our coffee breaks and laughs that we’re only humans.

Forever grateful.