Every session with Alexandra is creating more space and clarity for my ascension journey. I was in a lot of physical and mental pain a couple of months before I first contacted her, and I am ever grateful to her healing and support.

I’ve received something like an activation during our first session; I started to feel very centered in my value and power, everything started to flow with perfect sense and clarity, the pain reduced almost to 0 and my digestive system had started to heal.

Things just continued to clear and get better with every session and after 3 sessions I was in a state of flow and harmony, feeling very connected with my Higher Self and my Guides. I feel like something very heavy, that was stuck with me for a very long time, was cleared and now I flow at astral speed towards my mission.

I continue to work with her regularly in private sessions and sometimes in remote card readings, and I know I am on the right path. I recently got a new activation during a session with Alexandra, and I started to channel light language transmissions myself. I feel empowered to paint again, to share my knowledge and my journey with the people that come my way.

Blessings, gratitude and love Star Sister.