Veterinarian & University Teacher

When I met Alexandra, I was going through a period when I was extremely distrustful of my own strengths and unable to maintain emotional balance. At the time I was thinking of contacting doctors to help me get through it, but I didn’t want therapy to influence my life, and the decisions I was going to make. As a result, I was very confident when I received a recommendation from a friend to try a different type of therapy based on kindness, warmth and divine healing methods.

I was very open to this idea and contacted Alexandra, who is a person with whom I interacted with great pleasure and ease. Her modalities and presence helped me a lot and the balance suddenly reappeared unexpectedly. It’s great to be able to turn to such a kind person, and to be able to ask for help without feeling like you’re hitting a wall – even feeling like a new door is being opened for you, to a future you no longer hoped for.

I thank Alexandra a lot, for all of her patience, understanding and kindness! I hope that everyone interested in working with her will also receive such joy and peace of mind!