Brand Director & Life Coach

Alexandra is a born healer. An old soul. And a magical one. Her techniques are instant, powerful and effective. I’ve been working with her over the last couple of years where she’s performed subconscious mind and shadow-based work, EFT, past life regression, somatic body processes (just to name a few).

She is a compassionate, loving intuitive healer who feels the needs and resistances of her clients and knows exactly how to lean in. The problem with emotional trauma is that you can’t see it, so if there was anything, I wanted to resolve e.g. healing emotional wounds & traumas, weeding out unwanted beliefs and planting new ones, struggling with deep-seated issues that would just not go away, facing blockages and resistance, moving through deep transitional life changes…her sessions really proved to be deeply powerful leaving me freer, less burdened, open, fresh and energized.

She knows how to push the boundaries and help you tap into your inner self by peeling away those layers, while creating a nurturing safe space of openness. It’s been an amazing journey of self-discovery and I’m ever so grateful meeting Alexandra and the incredible gifts of light she’s given. If you suffer anxiety or have been through any traumatic experience or want to work towards major life breakthroughs, I highly recommend her.

A truly wonderful human, friend and soul sister. So much love & gratitude❤️