Maria Cristina

Transformational Coach

I have dieted my whole life. Never satisfied with my body, as it did not fulfil the standards imposed by society. And how could I have been successful in getting the body I wanted without listening to its signals?

Deciding that it’s time to work on deeper aspects of myself, was the best decision I could have taken.

The second step was to find someone who could help me, guide me and walk with me in this journey of reconnection with myself.

That’s when Alexandra came into my life. We have worked on aspects I could have not think of by myself, releasing past traumas that I did not knew where there and slowly building the sense of enoughness (I am whole, I am enough, I love and respect myself).

Alexandra has a way of creating a safe space for you, where you can fully open up, letting go of fears or misconceptions. Through her sessions she is combining elements from areas such as neuro-science, body reprogramming, intuitive work and much more, making it a complete package.

I am so grateful for meeting her, for all the things she brought into my life.