Mom & Veteran

Meeting and working with Alexandra has had the effect of catapulting my personal awakening and inner development by what has felt like light years. Her ease of relating allows immediate rapport, which makes each sitting, whether in person or on the phone, feel from the first like I was talking with a trusted friend. As a well-trained healer, she has a breadth of knowledge, depth of experience, and scope of healing modalities she can draw upon and tailor to the needs of the individual person, specific situation, or trauma.

Yet what truly makes her shine amongst lightworkers are her particular charisms of operating from her heart and following her highly-tuned instinct to identify the most auspicious path to healing. In working with and learning from Alexandra, my own instincts and inner voice grew and strengthened as part of the healing process, and even more so as I began to learn several healing modalities from her.  Alexandra is a gifted healer with the understanding to lead many to the doorway of awakening and down the pathway of light-filled awareness. May she bless your journey as well!