Sanaz H.

Founder of SannyMedia

Alexandra is not just any healer, she is one of the most reliable, accountable, professional human beings I have met, deeply committed to helping and supporting her community and any human being on this planet to evolve and become the best version of themselves.

Her analytical German background with her entrepreneurial Canadian background and her passionate Romanian background give her this exact mix of ingredients to tap into your personal preferences in terms of communication and turn her into an asset for everybody’s personal development.

Alexandra taught me to trust myself and lean into my own powers of protecting myself from soul contracts. We did Kinesiology in order receive answers from my own body. We worked on my Sub-conscious mind, cleared emotional blocks and she helped to clear energies from draining relationships around me and showed me how to protect myself from them in the future. We also did soul contract and ancestral healing and during the many lessons, she felt always so approachable and open for any kind of issue that I had that day. Her listening skills are comparable with that of monks and saints and the advice that comes out of her mouth is gold that every person should appreciate and cherish.
All of this helped me immensely in stepping up and being seen in my private and professional life, as fear of failure was not the biggest issue I had, but the fear of the consequences of success and the envy that would follow it, paired with the collective consciousness of my ancestors in believing in superstitions such as the evil eye and other co-related thought patterns and belief structures that were limiting me from achieving my full potential. All these were cleared and helped me progress and move on, with graceful patience from Alexandra, who always respected my progress and the phases I was in.

I came to meet Alexandra in October 2017 during an unforgettable and very well-organized soul retreat trip to Auroville and the Isha Yoga Centre, in the southern parts of India. My back then very analytical and scientific mind did not believe anything it didn’t see, smell, taste, touch or feel, and even though I had many encounters with the spiritual realm, I always took it as a psychological tool to work on self-development. I had started with extensive self-development since 2005, and had come in contact with behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, family constellation, inner child healing, the Enneagram and many books of psychological and spiritual nature, but always kept my safe distance to anything out of the realms of science that I could not prove. Before 2017 I would have described myself as a curious researcher with a pinch of spirituality in me, but the encounter with Alexandra changed everything for me.

Over the years that I know her, I came to think differently about spirituality and started believing, since the moment I met her soul. On one of our bus trips in India, I felt some earache rising and usually that is a sign of getting a bad cold, which would turn into a Sinus infection. Alexandra offered to help, standing behind me in the moving & shaking bus holding out her 2 hands close to my right ear, while everything was still shaking us around. After only a few seconds without her hands touching my ear or any part of my body or hair, I felt a great warming energy hugging my ear and the pain disappeared right after. I was blown away by the fact that this was possible. I kept the warm energy in my ear for a while after she sat back on her seat and even if my brain did not understand what had happened, my heart trusted in Alexandra from that moment and ever since.

Believe it or not, that is the moment I started in believing that in life we cannot explain everything with science but should instead trust that the universe will take us where we are supposed to be. Although we cannot see an atom with our eyes, we still know that it is there. Of course, we know an atom is there due to experiments and mathematical proof and when it comes to spirituality, I certainly have gathered my own data and experiments with Alexandra and myself and have formed my own scientifical opinion about it. It is up to you, but I can recommend her with all the atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, bosons, gluons, quarks, bosons and particles of my body and soul.

Words cannot explain the extensive gratitude I feel for my star seed soul sister Alexandra. Love you to the Arcturian realms and back.