Clearing Blocks to Ascension Webinar

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A bundle of 5 light language transmissions, all channelled during the “Clearing Blocks to Ascension” webinar. The focus of this webinar is on clearing the main ascension blocks & replacing them with new awakening codes to support your journey. This product does not contain the video recording of the webinar, just the light language transmissions which the webinar itself was structured around. You can find out more about the webinars themselves on this website.

It is advised that you allow the transmissions to play on a loop and to listen to them for extended periods of time for maximum effect. This can be done on low volume while you are asleep or during any activity which does not take up too much of your awareness or require deep focus. Keep in mind that some codes can activate bodily sensations, sleepiness, tiredness or could require you to rest, drink or eat more or pay closer attention to what your body needs as you release the old energies.


The ascension journey has been taught by many great avatars and mystery school all over the planet since the beginning of time, and yet throughout the large number of incarnations we had within this third dimensional matrix a lot of us have been programmed to look outside of ourselves, to begin identifying with the material world, thus being led astray.

The great civilizations of Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria and many others are beautiful examples of what is possible when we open ourselves up to our divine nature and allow the organic process of ascension to descend on Earth. But as the light begins to crystalize within ourselves and the world around us, so does the dark begin to push back, creating obstacles on our awakening journey, distorting the divine matrix and interfering with our path.

This is especially true when it comes to false light teachers or gurus, distorted religious scriptures and spiritual schools, which many of us got tricked into or even consciously chose to follow. The energy of manipulated initiations, false teachings and other practices aimed at disconnecting us, rather than supporting us on our journey have left a big imprint on our consciousness and programmed our ego in various ways to resist the light.

This light language healing webinar is meant to clear such programming, dissolve interference connected to your ascension path, and align your divine aspect with your ego self in a way that allows for a smooth and unhindered awakening path with ease and grace.

We will be releasing the main conscious or unconscious obstacles most people encounter as they move ahead on this journey, and replace all of them with the new sacred geometry awakening codes which are available to us on our planet at this time. This final activation will awaken those codes within you that you need in order to move ahead on your path, as well as anchor them into the earth grid, so they are readily available to all those who wish to and are ready to receive them.

The topics we will be healing and clearing during this webinar are:

Obstacles at ego level such as:

  • Resistance, fear, lack of trust or confidence regarding our ability to awaken
  • Feeling unworthy to Ascend or the energy of “Who am I to Ascend?”
  • Being distracted from or experiencing a lack of focus, motivation, strength to get through the ascension journey
  • Ego intentions to use the ascension process to gain control or power over others

Past Life Ascension Blocks:

  • A feeling of never reaching or failing to awaken in other lifetimes
  • Having endured deep trauma during or giving up the ascension journey all together
  • Leaving the path of the ascension process
  • Choosing not to awaken

Misunderstanding Regarding the Ascension Process:

  • Denial of the existence of the ascension process
  • Distorted view of the awakening path
  • Believing we will die if we awaken or that this journey is dangerous
  • Lack of understanding/structure regarding ascension

Blocks regarding other People:

  • Believing we will lose our loved ones if we ascend
  • Unwillingness or fear to ascend because our loved ones need us
  • Thinking that we can only awaken in isolation from others
  • Trauma due to failing to help others on their awakening path

Interference blocking our Awakening Process:

  • Religious programming, false light teachers and schools, distorted initiations and practices that sought to block our ascension
  • Black magic aimed to disconnect us from the divine
  • Having actively prevented the ascension process for others in the past
  • Choosing the dark over the light
Join me in my quest to help release ascension distortions within the 3D matrix, anchor new ascension codes into the planet, open new beneficial portals of awakening and assist as many beautiful souls as possible, including you!