Sanaz Hanke

Digital expert, creating, teaching and emPowering daily

Sanaz creates unforgettable experiences

that connect and enrich people’s lives. Her unique offerings create personalized engagement in every moment of your journey with her. Balancing creativity and burning curiosity with exceptional skills and proven techniques, she propels your ideas to the next level and makes your vision come to life. She solves your challenges and drives change. To serve you better, she has teams in key hubs and services customers in 6 languages.

Founded and inspired in 2009, SanazGroup is a cohesive international eco-system of talents coming together to harness the power of collaboration, communication, and technology. Everything touched has deep implications for your future business – whether it’s generating smart strategies or boosting your revenues.

SanazGroup’s versatile business units resonate on both an emotional and cognitive level to forge deep relations vital to all successful businesses.

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Dubai, UAE