Soul Signature Light Language Bundle


Soul Signature audio transmission and the accompanying artwork, at a discounted price.

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This bundle contains both the audio mp3 version as well as the artwork. These living transmissions are intended to be a timeless self-healing tool, which is channeled with the assistance of your Higher Self, in alignment with your unique soul signature.

Such transmissions are focused on helping you:

  • Release all obstacles towards the full manifestation of your unique soul vibration on this earth plane
  • Activate and awaken your soul template
  • Remember what your soul chose to do and experience during this incarnation
  • Align with your soul gifts, purpose and highest timeline
  • Heal all the past and present life energies which are holding you back on a multidimensional level


The way Alexandra channels such transmissions, is that she focuses them on clearing all the major limiting energies you may be facing holistically, body, mind, emotions and spirit. Thus they work with:

  • The various spiritual bodies
  • Ancestral energies that are passed on through your maternal and paternal bloodline
  • Past and present life as well as karmic energies
  • Physical issues (DNA, and genetic information as well as illness)
  • Emotional issues (including trauma and all associated painful vibratory information and cellular memory)
  • Mental issues (limiting subconscious/unconscious blocks and programming stemming from past as well as your present incarnation)
  • Information stored in your akashic and soul records, which no longer serves you
  • Addictions
  • Limiting soul contracts, vows and agreements
  • Collective consciousness energies which may be holding you back
  • Cords and hooks with or from others within your entire matrix
  • Interference and outer control energies (entities, implants, mind control, lower astral frequencies)

These transmissions also include an activation to help you:

  • Bring in, attract and manifest all the beneficial energies, soul connections and experiences that will assist you on your souls’ journey throughout this entire incarnation
  • Reconnect to your heart’s true essence
  • Strengthen your ability to communicate with and receive guidance from our soul, higher self and guides.

Just like the Light Language Audio Transmissions on a Particular Topic of Choice, these should be listened to for at least 7 days, mornings and evenings (as soon as you wake up and before you go to sleep) since this is the time when our subconscious is most open, and we are in a brainwave state that allows the maximum clearing, healing and readjustment to occur.

Since these types of transmission are meant to assist you throughout your entire lifetime, it is advisable that you listen to the mp3 and work with the artwork once in a while after the 7 days, especially at crucial moments, at times when you feel you need to realign with who you are on a deeper level, or feel that you may require a bit of assistance from your soul in order to make important life changes, step onto a higher vibrational level, align with a more beneficial or authentic timeline.

Once any on-demand transmission is purchased, it takes approximately 3 weeks for Heart Essence to send you the booked transmission via a downloadable Dropbox link.