Starseed Support Webinar

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A bundle of 9 light language transmissions, all channelled during the “Starseed” webinar. The focus of this webinar is on helping starseeds heal the main obstacles they face, when aligning with their mission & manifesting a life they love. This product does not contain the video recording of the webinar, just the light language transmissions which the webinar itself was structured around. You can find out more about the webinars themselves on this website.

It is advised that you allow the transmissions to play on a loop and to listen to them for extended periods of time for maximum effect. This can be done on low volume while you are asleep or during any activity which does not take up too much of your awareness or require deep focus. Keep in mind that some codes can activate bodily sensations, sleepiness, tiredness or could require you to rest, drink or eat more or pay closer attention to what your body needs as you release the old energies.


Most starseeds carry core values such as freedom, love, joy, integrity, sovereignty and transparency within their hearts, and yet as we look at the world stage today many of these cannot be found or seem to be very difficult to manifest and experience in our reality. This can create a huge sense of cognitive dissonance and leave us feeling hopeless, stopping us in our tracks when we want to align with our soul mission, share our message, be the change we want to see in the world and create a fulfilling life.

The transmissions offered in this webinar are meant to heal the main obstacles and trauma-based energies we may face as light bringers, system busters and agents of change which are holding us back from embodying, expressing and sharing our hearts true essence and our gifts with the world, and which can block us from manifesting a life we love.

These energies usually revolve around being persecuted or even killed for having the courage to speak up and go against the grain within this 3D matrix and the prevailing religious, societal and economic systems, but can also be simply connected to living a “normal” human life on planet Earth, finding our place in the world and feeling that we belong here.

Luckily, the energies on our planet are currently changing, rising and creating a massive shift in consciousness. While the old structures are collapsing, the space in which a New Earth can be born is emerging and whether you already feel it or not, you beloved fellow starseed are a big part of that.

Many of us are feeling a strong pull to act on our inner urge to assist in this awakening process, and know deep down that the life we are dreaming of is within reach, but still feel constricted by the wounds of the past or internal resistance, and this is what this webinar is meant to help you release.

The light language transmissions I will be sharing with you will assist in breaking down the inner barriers which have been preventing you from aligning with a new, higher vibrational timeline which can support your starseed mission on planet Earth and help you create a reality that truly resonates with your soul frequency.

The world needs you, it needs everything that you are, that you stand for and are ready and willing to protect, build, share and create. You are not meant to follow or even try to fit into the established 3D structures, but to find your own way of working, living and experiencing life, with ease, grace and joy.

The time has come for all of us starseeds to liberate ourselves from the shackles we have been carrying and step up and world healers, teachers, manifesters and game changers, and this shift begins within each of us, radiating outwards and manifesting itself into the world around us.

This webinar will focus on clearing and healing typical issues starseeds can experience such as:

• Feeling alone in the world, misplaced, misunderstood or having difficulties finding friends, maintaining long lasting relationships and connecting with our soul tribe.

• Experiencing a strong push back from the 3D societal or financial system, facing problems finding our way, integrating ourselves in society and aligning with a career path that truly resonates.

• Carrying a lot of past life trauma which can make us very fearful about being our true radiant self, and manifesting our unique frequency on the earth plane.

• Having issues regarding simply inhabiting a 3D body, not feeling comfortable in it, or developing an almost addictive pattern of escapism and ungroundedness.

• Developing addictions either to numb ourselves in order to cope with surrounding 3D energies or to flee into higher densities that feel more familiar and subsequently losing our connection to 3D.

• Being faced with complicated, unexplained or dark spiritual experiences, such as having reoccurring nightmares or negative vivid dreams, entity attachment issues, lower vibrational ET contact or being energetically and psychically attacked by opposing non-physical forces or beings.

• Experiencing push back from family members, relationship issues or not having clear boundaries – this can manifest itself as narcissistic abuse or toxic relationships in 3D.

• Having issues expressing and enjoying our sexuality or finding the right partner because of the prevailing perception of how relationships should be on planet Earth, even though some starseeds may be drawn to having multiple partners, enjoying sexuality beyond gender, gender fluidity and many other facets sexuality can take on and choices or options they resonate with.

• Suffering from several physical ailments, disorders, intolerances or allergies that are inexplicable due to the constant exposure to lower densities that starseeds might not be used to.

Join me in my quest to lighten the load for as many starseeds as possible who are here on a special mission, and are willing and open to manifest a life they love, including YOU!