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Free Light Language Healing

Alexandra’s intention behind the Youtube channel, is to offer free light language healing to as many people as possible.

Please like, subscribe and share any video with anyone you know, that might need some assistance with their healing and ascension journey.

The videos cover many topics which Alexandra has assisted her clients with during the last 10 years of offering one on one sessions to people all over the world.


The journey of awakening and healing does not have to be difficult. It can also be easy and graceful, and that is what light language can do for you.

So glad to have you here!

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Meet Alexandra

Teacher, Healer and Founder of Heart Essence
As a heart whisperer, teacher, multidimensional intuitive healer, soul activator, starseed and light language channel, Alexandra was guided to walk the spiritual path for the soul purpose of sharing her journey with you, offering all her gifts and lessons from the heart, with the intention of being of service to you and helping you build a life you love.
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What you will receive:
  • 1 monthly 2 hour live Community Event where we discuss or work on the topics you feel called to alchemize, heal or integrate
  • Each member has the opportunity to request one transmission per month (if similar topics come up, they will be covered together)
  • 1 monthly powerful Ascension Activation audio transmission
  • The opportunity to be an active supporter of Heart Essence, allowing me to have more time and create as much free healing content as possible, for those who need it most
  • Exclusive updates (new content, upcoming webinars, retreats and many more ascension goodies)