Body Love Webinar

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A bundle of 7 light language transmissions, all channelled during the “Body Love” webinar. The focus of this webinar is on healing the relationship with your body, with food and the idea of aging. The transmissions are meant to assist you in healing & releasing all the subconscious programming, beliefs, fears, insecurities, experiences, blockages, habits and issues connected to how you perceive and treat your body. This product does not contain the video recording of the webinar, just the light language transmissions which the webinar itself was structured around. You can find out more about the webinars themselves on this website.

It is advised that you allow the transmissions to play on a loop and to listen to them for extended periods of time for maximum effect. This can be done on low volume while you are asleep or during any activity which does not take up too much of your awareness or require deep focus. Keep in mind that some codes can activate bodily sensations, sleepiness, tiredness or could require you to rest, drink or eat more or pay closer attention to what your body needs as you release the old energies.


“Approximately 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies and frankly it’s no wonder since we still largely live in a world where body shaming is rampant, fat is a four letter word, women and girls are objectified as sexual objects, one-size-fits all weight numbers determines health, media and advertisers relentlessly prey on women’s insecurities, and all genders are bombarded day in and day out with utterly unrealistic expectations of what “beauty” is and “how” men and women should behave.” – Annie Wright

This webinar is meant to assist you in healing and releasing all the unconscious and subconscious programming, beliefs, fears, insecurities, experiences, blockages, habits and issues connected to how you perceive and treat your body.

Many of us have had lives of deep wounding, which can show up as self hate, self judgment, a relentless inner critic and a profound lack of love towards our selves and our precious physical vessels.

Many women struggle with eating disorders such as anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia and compulsive or emotional eating. Others might be experiencing hormonal issues they might not even be aware of, or are confused with all the different diets which are spoken about in the media, and feel lost. Some have been dieting all their lives with little to no results and later on discover that their metabolism has been severely affected by all the self-imposed restrictions.

The sexual experiences we had in our lives are another issue which can cause serious problems in terms of self- as well as body love. Those who perhaps had experiences of sexual or physical abuse, might feel responsible for what happened to them, taking on the shame and directing it towards the self, even though they are not the ones to blame.

Another theme which is very relevant in today’s time is that of aging. While in the olden days, women who moved beyond the age of bearing children were considered the wise ones whom others would seek council from, today this seems to only be something we should judge ourselves for, hide and do our best to stop altogether if possible.

Having gone through many years of struggling with eating disorders, depression and body dysmorphia, and after having worked with women from all over the world on similar themes, I felt called to offer this healing webinar because I know how many people are suffering due to the topics mentioned above. My intention is to help you free yourself from these limiting energies, so you can begin to use your precious energy for and not against you. I believe that there is a world of wonder and beauty awaiting each and every single one of us, if we would just stop gazing downwards, staring at our bodies in dislike, choose to love ourselves instead and get on with the adventure of our lives, and this is precisely the vibration I would like to share with you 😊

To sum it up, the themes we will be receiving light language transmissions on in this webinar are:

  • Hormonal Issues
  • Body Love
  • Weight issues
  • Yoyo dieting or overeating
  • Aging
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sexual Abuse

“There was a phantom woman in my mind that I was comparing myself to, and I had to force her from the dressing room. When she was gone, I looked at my body, the body that had kept me alive for nearly thirty years, without any serious health problems, the body that had taken me where I needed to go and protected me. I had never appreciated or loved the body that had done so much for me. I had thought of it as my enemy, as nothing more than a shell that enclosed my real self, but it wasn’t a shell. The body was me. This is your real life. You’re already living it. I removed the clothes and stood naked before the mirrors, turning this way and that. I was round and cute in a way I’d never seen before.” – Sarai Walker