Multidimensional Interference Clearing Webinar

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A bundle of 9 channelled transmissions which came through during the “Multidimensional Clearing Webinar” and is aimed at working through the primary reasons people may attract interference, supporting you on your journey to sovereignty and integrity.

The world has been going through a significantly difficult time lately, and as we move ahead of the ascension timeline, more will be uncovered and much more will be revealed to us. The energies of the planet are shifting rapidly and we are now able to clear and free ourselves from many timelines of ancient karma, ancestral energies, interference patterns and deep programming which humanity has been dealing with for a very very long time. As the frequency of Gaia is raising, as she is awakening, so are we, which opens the door to miraculous healing and rapid transformation on both and individual as well as collective level.

This webinar is meant to assist you in clearing and releasing old energies and programming which are no longer needed and which might be creating obstacles and blockages on your own ascension and healing journey.

With the support of your higher self, spiritual teams, as well as the angelic and galactic realms, we will be clearing:

  • Lower entities and beings that be in your field or interfering with you
  • Negative cords and hooks which need to be removed
  • Interfering implants and negative devices in your field
  • Soul level interference and trauma that is ready to be released
  • Deep ancestral patterns and programming which you have outgrown
  • Limiting ego programming (such as resistance, procrastination, etc.)
  • Complete chakra and spiritual body clearing & upgrade

The transmissions offered in this webinar can be an excellent addition to your spiritual tool box that you can always return to when bigger shifts are taking place in your reality or when you feel ready to move onto a higher frequency.

This product does not contain the video recording of the webinar, just the light language audio transmissions which the webinar itself was structured around. You can find out more about the webinars themselves on this website.

It is advised that you allow the transmissions to play on a loop and to listen to them for extended periods of time for maximum effect. This can be done on low volume while you are asleep or during any activity which does not take up too much of your awareness or require deep focus. Keep in mind that some codes can activate bodily sensations, sleepiness, tiredness or could require you to rest, drink or eat more or pay closer attention to what your body needs as you release the old energies.